August 24, 2017
Contact: Cinamon Watson

Think Tank plans an increased impact on public policy with additional REMI studies

DENVER, CO – Common Sense Policy Roundtable (CSPR) has named Chris Brown Director of Policy and Research.

“We are pleased to welcome Chris Brown to CSPR,” said Earl Wright, Chairman of the CSPR Board of Directors. “His experience with dynamic modeling and public policy expertise will allow us to expand on our engagement in a broad range of issues impacting the Colorado economy.”

In his role, Brown will act as lead economist and work closely with CSPR’s leadership, the REMI partners Colorado Concern, Colorado Association of Realtors, and the Denver South Economic Development Partnership, and other state and subject area experts, to research, develop insight and educate on critical policy issues.

CSPR and the REMI partnership have a licensing agreement with the Regional Economic Models, Inc. to accomplish independent, in‐depth, fact based analysis using customized software specifically calibrated for Colorado. “In the coming months Coloradans will confront serious issues that will significantly impact our economy and our quality of life,” said Colorado Concern Executive Director Mike Kopp. “From transportation to education to growth, our REMI studies will provide our elected officials with insight, data, and facts to develop sound public policy and we are pleased to have Chris joining this effort.”

The REMI dynamic economic model can help determine, with independent analysis, the short and long-term impacts of major public policy initiatives including: education, tax, budget, regulatory policies, land use, infrastructure, water, agriculture, tourism, transportation, housing, demographics and energy along with many others.

Brown has spent close to a decade working for REMI, starting as an assistant economist in the Amherst office of the Massachusetts-based organization and since gone on to become the Manager of Business Development. In 2011, he established REMI’s DC office and oversaw the growth of the company in the nation’s capital and lead numerous engagements on federal and regional policy issues.

“I couldn’t be more pleased to join such a prestigious organization,” said Brown. “CSPR and the REMI partners have built a reputation for not only quality research but also for significant and meaningful impact on public policy. I hope to build from my experience working with a diverse range of organizations across the country on many policy issues to continue the vision of CSPR, Colorado Concern, Denver South EDP, and Colorado Association of Realtors by providing timely, credible research.”

Highlights of Brown’s work cover modeling the fiscal and economic impacts of Medicaid expansion in eight states, and evaluating the economic impact of major air quality regulation in Washington state. He also helped forecast the state-by-state economic effects of budget sequestration with Third Way, a centrist think tank, and examined a federal tax proposal for the U.S. Senate Democrats.

“In 2016, the REMI partnership issued studies on the oil and gas industry, affordable housing, and the state budget,” continued Wright. “In the coming months, with Chris’ leadership, we plan to look at issues including education, transportation, growth, and priorities in the state budget.”

Common Sense Policy Roundtable is a non-profit free-enterprise think tank dedicated to the protection and promotion of Colorado’s economy. CSPR actively follows job and economic development legislation and public policy initiatives.